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Hi everyone!

I brought my computer to college, and when I opened the case, the CPU heatsink/fan had fallen off. I reseated it, hooked everything up, and the computer powered on (fans, gfx card got warm, etc...) but no POST. I reset the CMOS by taking the battery out for about a minute without the computer plugged in. I now get (6 seconds after power on) 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps, and then 10 seconds later, 1 long beep.

I have reconnected/reseated everything, but no dice. I can't find a good source for the beep codes (I have found some beep codes, but none seem to have the 1-3 or a 1-3-1).

Any ideas? My bet is that either the mobo got damaged or the CPU did on the ride over (also, the CPU heatsink doesn't get warm even if left on for awhile like the gfx card does).
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  1. Did you reapply thermal paste?
  2. Yes I did, but it is entirely possible that I did not add enough. Would the computer not even POST if it was getting too hot initially?
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    If it is not properly seated then it can not post before it gets hot.
  4. Just an update:

    I ordered some more thermal paste, and the problem wasn't fixed, so I went ahead and ordered some new parts (8gb DDR3 1600 RAM, MSI 1155 mobo, and i5 2500k processor).
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