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i went to a pawn shop today and saw a laptop i think ima get my grandma for christmas.

she has a 8 year old hp thats almost as big as my g73 and weighs the same amount and takes 15min to log in and get online no lie i timed it.

all she needs it for is email and basic basic internet i want to try to get her on skype or facebook so her and the rest of the family can communicate easier.

for 175 (might be on sale tomorrow) was an acer 10.1 in netbook with a 1.66 atom, 1gig of ram, win7 starter, 1024x600 resolution. its an older one i forgot the number but it looks like the ao 532h

do you think this will be good for what she needs? she has wireless at the house. what is the battery life on a computer like this.
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  1. It will be just fine for her needs... IMO
  2. ok cool and is there any way to get like just word on one i know they dont have disk drives or is there a veriasion other than new text document ?
  3. I'm not sure what you are asking here?

    Are you asking how you install new programs with out a DVD or something? If this is the case, you can use a USB drive or purchase an external USB DVD drive to use to install programs. Also, you can download what you need to.
  4. well you can use your g73 do do it insert the word disk and i believe you hold down shift or something and theres a few steps but you can save it to a flash drive dont ask me how big cause i dont know.

    take the flash drive and plug it into your netbook and walla. or you can buy a usb disk drive for like 25 all the way to 100 bucks

    now i beleive all the netbooks have 1gig of ddr2 not ddr3 like the highend laptops and all desktops so i dont know that will work with apps like that not sure of there requirements. you dont want it to take 5 min to open up a word document ya know.
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