Buffalo HD -PCT1TU3 is asking to be formattd


i have Buffalo HD-PCT1TU3 1TB

yesterday i connect my HDD to my computer and is asking to be formatted

I have followed threads to unplug, restart, try it on another computer, but its just the same

Please can you help?

Thanks in advance
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  1. if its just a backup drive and you dont really need the data on it then go ahead and format it. Then I suggest you make a new backup immediately.
  2. it would be great if I can not lose my data

    I do not need all

    Only some of the pictures, videos, and documents on work
  3. I can not open my hard disk driver

    my computer shows it as a local disk (I:)
  4. Have you tried any of the manufacturers diagnostic utilities or recovery software?
    If those have failed then your only option is to open the enclosure up and remove the drive and then either install it into a pc or into another enclosure/dock and try accessing the files that way. If you still can't then the driveis likely failed and if you really need the files then you will have to send the drive out for recovery which is very expensive.
  5. You dont understand Sir i have externel hard disk and i already formatted it now i need recover it
    any way thanl you very much
    If you have any suggestion then I'll be happy to know about them
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