Problem installing gtx 470

Hi all, i tried installing a zotac gtx 470 on my system :

intel i7 920 @ 3.4 ghz
ecs x58b-a2
6 gb ocz 1333
enermax infiniti 650w
(gtx 260 old card)

After cleaning the old driver and swapping cards, at the first boot i noticed a big increase in the loading time.. from 5 secs to 5+ min! and its not all... now the cpu is always under load it goes around 60 80% just by opening a folder! this is without installing the drivers for the gpu.. if i do that the load increase.. i tried reinstalling the old card and everything works fine. Now im wondering, is it a driver conflict? motherboard and gpu compatibility? faulty gpu? any help is much appreciated ^^ thank you.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Did you remove the older drivers with driver sweeper(in safe mode) ?
  2. Hi and thank you :) Yes i did remove all the drivers in safe mode, now i have the gpu mounted(not installed) and no sign of old drivers but the cpu load continue... the gpu in pci-e slot is enough to make the problem appear. Can this be a compatibility issue with the motherboard? i tought power supply and cpu could be the issue but they should be able to power a single gtx 470!
  3. Try installing the GTX 470 drivers while using the GTX 260. After it installs, when it asks you to restart, shut down instead. Replace the GTX 260 with the GTX 470 and reboot.
  4. Thx for the tip Skolpo! I tried to do it but the problem persist :( But i noticed something... Gpu-z gives wrong data.. some entry are missing and instead of the default clock i have : 1674 gpu clock, 608 memory, 1215 shader. Im pretty sure i installed the driver correctly the gtx 260 gives no problem... i guess its either motherboard or faulty gpu then?
  5. Are you sure it's not 608 core clock instead? Can you take a screenshot of GPU-Z? Try using eVGA Precision and see what clock readings you're getting.
  6. yes the default one is 608, gpu-z is probably getting wrong information from drivers or mb i guess... i dont get why installing a gpu gets the cpu under 80/100% load!
  7. So, i found this solution not a nice one... removing 2 sticks of ram made the trick! seems to be a memory related problem because of the bios..
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