Nvidia vs ati radeon

which graphic card has high features, nvidia or radaon, and which is cheap with large features
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  1. They both have specific features, Nvidia has 3D and Cuda, but if you have to ask they probably don't apply to you.

    What is your price range and motherboard, psu, resolution, ram and cpu. Maybe we can help you pick out that perfect card.
  2. Years before AMD bought ATI I used a couple of ATI cards with VERY bad results. Their drivers were very buggy and the issues never got resolved. Last year I decided to give ATI another try. Big mistake. I noticed a difference immediately. their drivers are as buggy as ever. That's just my opinion and I don't mind saying it as often as I'm asked.
  3. depends on the model..
  4. ATI would be the better choice if fps is all you are looking at. However, nVidia would be the no brainer choice if you care not only fps but image quality as well.

    GTX260 vs. HD5870 in "Aliens Vs. Predator"

    GTX260 in DirectX 9 delivers similar texture mapping and lighting as a HD5870 in DirectX 11 mode does (minus the DirectX 11 effects, of course).

    I would even pick GTX460 over HD5870 if I was offered to pick one of them for free, because ATI sucks in 3D as you can see above.
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