Is this a good overall Computer?

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  1. Its silly to get 2 6870s with a budget like that, get to GTX 480s, they will blow 2 5870s away and two 6870s perform worse.

    I also think its still to spend less than $25 on your DVD burner for a $3200 build, get a nice bluray/DVD burner drive so you dont need to upgrade it.

    This whole build seems to me like a waste of money, cut the parts list in half, and then in another two years when things cost significantly less build another rig for $1600 and you will have a better rig in the end and still have great performance from both of them.
  2. i really and not a fan of gtx 480 in sli, i could go for gtx 470 in sli though. i do not see how this build is a waste of money though, sure the graphics cards are not the best, but in a year or 2 all I have to do is upgrade the graphics and am set for everything else
  3. Why do you need 24GB of memory.

    Why do you need that much SSD storage?

    Why do you need 1200 Watts?

    Overall this is a waste of money.
  4. because it gives me peace of mind in the future, and its just so cool to say that yes i wasted that much money on 480GB ssd and 24GB ram
  5. You do realize that 99.9% of applications available cannot use more than 2GB of memory right? Only 64 bit applications or specially modified 32 bit applications can use more than 2GB of memory per instance. By the time you need 12GB of memory it will cost less than 6GB would cost right now so buying 24GB today unless its a workstation that truely needs it is just silly and running 6 sticks will actually make it harder to keep your memory stable so 24GB will likely cause headaches rather than peace of mind.

    Its not that the 6870 isnt the best, its that it has no upgrade potential if you get two of them from the start, atleast with 5870s or GTX 4xx you can add a third to get a bit more performance, 2 6870s have no upgrade path without getting rid of both of them.

    SSDs also keep getting faster, larger, cheaper, and longer life expectancies, why blow that much money on a drive that will be dead in 5-7 years when you could get a drive half that size thats just as fast and then next year get a drive twice the size thats even faster for less than half the cost of one of those is currently.

    This whole thing just looks like a troll and a waste of money, im done here.
  6. See this is exactly why i ******* hate tomshardware. they are always the last ones to post tech news, the people here all suck. I mean the first time you see someone that can afford to waste this money and all you can think about it *** that guy how dare he try to make me help him. so this is me personally signing off of tomshardware, so little pricks like you can go home to your budget pc's while i just go to another site that won't be pissed that i have more money then them.
  7. No, this is not a good overall build. Like Mr. Pizza said, it's a gratuitous waste of money. 24 GB of RAM is pointless for gaming and everyday usage. There is absolutely no benefit to you.

    Spending $1,000 on SSD storage when they are still so expensive per gigabyte is also a bad idea.

    Ugh, so many problems. I don't know. Someone above me said 3200, so I'm assuming they added the prices of the parts you selected. For $3200, if you want to build something that makes some semblance of sense try something like this:

    CPU: Intel Core i7 950 ($300)
    MOBO: ASUS Rampage III ($290)
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB ($70)
    SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 120GB ($205 AR)
    RAM: G.SKILL Pi, 1600 MHz, 6 GB, CAS 6, 1.6V ($200)
    CASE: Silverstone Raven ($220)
    CPU Heatsink: Noctua NH-D14 ($90)
    OPTICAL: ASUS Blu-ray drive ($80)
    OPTICAL 2: Some DVD drive ($20)
    PSU: Corsair AX1200 ($300)
    GPU: 2 x GTX 480 ($940 AR) (they are the "superclocked" ones)

    TOTAL: $2715

    EDIT: Oh, he had already left. fml
  8. you guys here are absolutely clueless and you with your super cool avatar ^.... can you get any more g @ y er?
  9. Wait, didn't you come here because you were clueless? At best, you're the pot calling the kettle black.

    Honestly, though; no one has anything against you personally, but we don't like to see people spend sooooooo much more money than they have to. Especially if we know you won't see ANY returns. Don't take offense. The forum exists so we can all learn from each other.
  10. i am not taking offence, and I am actually an experienced computer builder. I just wanted to see what this forum would say, and right about now you guy responded exactly as i thought you would.

    now your saying i'm wasting money, but look at it this way.... why do people like granite better then lamented? its because it looks better and its cooler, sure not everyone can afford it but those who can chose it.
  11. The analogy fails because there's a benefit. There's no benefit for the money you're spending. You passed the point of zero return on investment by a longshot. It's not elite, it's not grand, it's dumb.

    But since you just admitted you didn't actually want anything out of this thread but to pick a fight, does this make you a troll? I'm done.
  12. i did not want a fight, i just wanted to see if you guys reply the same way to all overpriced builds.
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