My next cpu cooler it's compatible with my motherboard and ram?

Hello.This is my first theread, I apologize if I wrong the section. I have this motherboard and these rams. want to change my stock cooler with Ninja 3 CPU Cooler( ).It will fit the new cpu cooler on the motherboard?It will hit the ram's radiators?Sorry my english.
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  1. yes thats a am3 cooler

    Sockel T / LGA775
    Sockel LGA1155
    Sockel LGA1156
    Sockel LGA1366

    Sockel 754
    Sockel 939
    Sockel AM2
    Sockel AM2+
    Sockel AM3
    Sockel 940


    You have a am3 cpu and mobo
  2. I know it is compatible with am3:D.I do not know if the radiator fins will hit the ram,s radiator because are quite high.
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