Do I need Dimm, UDimm or RDimm?
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  1. Welcome!
    Without knowing where you are putting the Dimm we do not know either!
  2. Unless you have a Server {RDIMM} or Workstation {UDIMM} most consumer are {DIMM}. IF you have any Intel and it's NOT a Xeon then {DIMM}. IF you have a consumer AMD then both {DIMM} and {UDIMM}.

    9.99/10 since you are asking you probably need {DIMM}.

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  3. I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M82 that has an Intel i5 3570, and in the user's guide it says to use UDIMM's when upgrading memory. Would it cause harm to a computer to use DIMM in place of UDIMM? Or would the memory not be recognized/fail to work? I only ask because I had seen a really good deal for 32GB of memory but it was DIMM and not UDIMM.
  4. TridentX vs Dominator Platinum which one is better?
    TridentX SPD Speed is 1600 MHz and Dominator Platinum SPD Speed is 1333MHz. This is the only difference i have found. There is no other difference. so which one is better for ASUS Maximus V Formula?
    [ TridentX ] F3-2800C11Q-16GTXD is certified for ASUS Maximus V Formula and also certified with intel xmp for core i7 3770K.

    [ TridentX ] F3-2800C11Q-16GTXD vs CORSAIR Dominator Platinum CMD8GX3M2A2800C12 which should i purchase. i want to go with CORSAIR Dominator Platinum due to his look but g.skill only attract me for his spd speed which is 1600MHz..
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