How to share internet connection via dual lan setup

Hey there~! :hello:

i just finished routing the cables through two rooms but i ran into a small snag. I want to share the internet/broadband connection through a dul lan setup.

Heres the specs of the two rigs:

Rig 1 -
Asus Rampage Exreme x48
Q9550 @ stock
OCZ DDR3 4GB platinum edition ram 1333Mhz

Rig 2 -
Intel DG965RY
Transcend Axeram DDR2 2GB 800+

Heres the picture :

The first lan port on my RE is used for the internet/motorola canopy modem. I want to use the second port for file sharing and sharing the internet connection.

The cable length between the two rooms are 90ft. How do i go ahead from here? Total noob with networking! :sweat: :cry: :heink: :whistle:
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  1. If you're plugging into a router, it doesn't matter. If you're plugging directly into the cable/dsl modem, then you need a router/nat.

    side note:
    Also, I wouldn't say "dual LAN" as it sounds like you have multiple networks. Instead "I have two computers".

    A single LAN has no limit on computers. You could have 500 computers on one lan and another 500 on another. Connecting LAN is different than connecting two computers in the same lan.
  2. FYI - google it - dual lan aka dual gigabit lan...

    i got my answer fr the above q's on another forum.

    Thank you for your humble but useless answer :)
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