Swapping My Laptop HDD For an SSD

Hey guys, quick question here.

If I were to buy an SSD, what exactly would I need to transfer all the media from my current hard drive to it? Can someone maybe link me to a usb/sata adapter that will work with an SSD AND HDD. I looked up a couple but I'm not entirely sure what will work with a 2.5" drive.

The plan is to take out my current hard drive, insert the SSD and install Windows. Then connect the HDD externally and transfer the media to my new SSD.

First person to send me a good link gets a best answer! :)

Edit: the link has to be from a Canadian retailer as I live in Alberta. - Thanks
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    Just buy any USB HDD external enclosure for 2,5" drives, preferably USB3.0 for future proofing reasons and put your old HDD in it.

  2. I have done several such ssd installs. You will be very pleased.

    I might suggest a rosewill external enclosure like this:

    I have used the 3.5" equivalents which have worked well.
    There is a cheaper usb 2.0 variant, but usb 3.0 is so much faster that I would pay the extra.
    Then, you can repurpose your old hard drive as an external backup device.
  3. You could also use an enclosure like this one is for 2.5" drives:

    The advantage is that you can keep using it as an external drive. But if you don't like this one there are many other models, some are more portable than others, etc...

    *** Edit: Forgot to mention this one has an e-sata port too so if your laptop has an e-sata input it will be very vary fast (even faster than usb 3.0 as e-sata is using the internal sata interface, so it should give you the same speed as an internal disk).
  4. i got a samsung 830 ssd which came with a sata to usb adaptor and cloning software included

    and 3.5" to 2.5" adaptor bracket

    7mm to 9.5mm notebook adaptor

    plus samsung were doing cashback offer as well

    dont know any canadian retailers
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  6. Thanks guys.
    @Geo, my current laptop only has 2.0 but the build I'm planning to put that Titan in we talked about earlier will be 3.0. The SSD is going in my notebook for now, and when I finalize that build I'm going to be putting the HDD back in and using it as my media center.
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