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I just installed my Sparkle GTX460 (768mb) in my system and, although I haven't had a chance to tweak it much, I am getting lower frame rates in MW2 and Mafia II than with my previous card, a ATI 5770. Am I missing something? All of the reviews show this as a faster card than the 5770. I am using the latest drivers and a 1680-1050 display. I was planning on OC ing this card a bit, but I shouldn't have to OC this card to beat the 5770.

The rest of my system is:

AMD Phenom II B35 X4 @3.1
Windows 7 64bit
Gigabyte Mobo 770 chipset
Corsair 650watt PSU
4 gig 1066 Crucial Memory

Thank you for your help and suggestions.
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  1. What's the normal fps you get with the 460?
    Mafia II has physx enabled?
  2. Hi! i have had alot or problems with my GTX460 card, look at diff forums for a solution to it. I beet theyll patch the drivers soon because its not working properly
  3. I get about 50 fps with Mafia II, about 85 fps with Modern Warfare II, which is exactly the same as I used to get with the 5770. Physix is disabled, everything else on high.

    Perhaps I was expecting an increase that just isn't there, but all of the benchmarks that I have seen show the GTX460 (768mb) outperforming the 5770 consistently. I would have gotten the 1g version but the 768 version was on sale for $166.

    Thanks for the input thus far
  4. greg showed benchmarks from games at an incredibly high resolution...
    At most do you get constant changes in fps, like going from 40 to 60 and then in the high 30's?
    1680x1050 should be a fine resolution for that 460, but in reality it's not nearly as great as the 1gb version.
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