Can I simply delete files from my old hard drive?

So I recently did a system rebuild. I put a fresh install of windows on my new 120GB SSD, I am using that to store most system programs. What was my old main HDD is now my storage drive that I use for pictures, music, movies and PC games. I re-installed Steam to my old HDD and to my amazement all of the games (20+ games) booted right up after a quick setup. The same seems to be true for Origin. But my old HDD has a ton of files from my previous operating system that are taking up a bunch of space. So can I just go ahead and delete these old OS files and folders? Including old program file folders. I just dont want to delete any system files that are still important to running that games I have installed. Are their folders on my old HDD that I should not delete? I know where the save game folders are and I will keep those.

Or would it be simpler to copy the old Steam and Origin folders to my backup HDD and completely wipe my main storage HDD, then copy those folders back over and then re-install Steam and Origin. That seems like it would work to me.

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  1. Make a backup of the hdd and delete away. Obviously you dont want to delete your game folders but everything else is pretty much trash.
  2. You should of format your HDD first before you install your games. That way it solves your problems at the first place, and more storage from all those old data you have. I think, as long as you don't delete your steam folder, you should be fine. But, just in case, you should back up your data in your HDD, if something goes wrong.
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