Piece of metal and plastic wont turn on!!

hey fellows,
this has to be the worst day ever i have a prebuilt acer sa 90 OEM i have added nothing taken away nothing
this mornin when i pressed the power button of my comp the lights, fans, dvd drives all started but no beeps at all usually whenever i boot the comp i get a single beep bot not this time so heres what i did

removed the ram harddisc dvd drive and tried booting NO luck

cleand the mobo with a compressed air can No luck agn

checked the heat sink its fine

I have not overcloked anything as my mobo wont ovrclk didnt evn try
and the bios wont even come up
the ntx tng i did was stupid i changed the voltg raing of the psu and it blew!! lol and the tripper tripped

so i got a replacement for it but still no luk i think itz the mobo canu ppl hlp

ths keybrd sux so pls ignore the spelling mistakes
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  1. With a new PSU everything points to the mobo since you did not list a GPU I am presuming IGP.
  2. nah no gpu on the mobo only sum sis on brd ***!! i thnk itz sumthin abt the processor chip's contacts corroding (the ones on the mobo) is it a possibility and i dont think that acer used much gold in the contacts
  3. ok brought it to a comp shop they confirmd ma diagnosis the mobo is gone so what can i get dont got much dough and if i do change my mobo w i have to reinstall OS?? i need the mobo to be under 3000 rupees have a look at this site of the local comp store:http://www.theitdepot.com/products-Motherboards_C13.html
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