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I want to buy a new monitor and main use is movies and gamming. I am confused in this decision. The choices are,
1- Viewsonic VX2450wm-LED
2- Viewsonic V3D241wm-LED (it’s not released yet should I wait for it?)
3- Any IPS technology based monitor like Dell U2410 etc

Kindly explain the option for which you comment,

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  1. viewsonic is a brand?
  2. Yes it is.

    Simply look for a Viewsonic monitor in the size you want, and as it is for gaming, look for one with a 5ms response time or better, so you don't get any blurring when the frame rates are high, and there is plenty of action on the screen.

    On that basis the first one will suffice ... (HD, and 5ms response_


    The second is better (as it is a 120 Hz 3D model, and 2ms response)


    I don't do Dell.

    Sumsung is another brand I quite like.

    Hope this helps.
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