Issues Swapping From Nvidia to ATI(AMD)

Ok so i recently built a new computer

Asus m4a89gtd 890GX
AMD Phenom II X4 965be OC @ 3.61ghz
Patriot 2x2gb 1600mhz
XFX Black 850w PSU 80+ silver
9800GTX+ 1gb (took card from a previous build)

yesterday i got a NEW xfx 6850....when swapping over i did everything i was told to....i downloaded driver sweeper. and newest catalyst but didnt install

then i uninstalled nvidia driver
booted in safe mode and used driver sweeper
rebooted swapped cards and installed catalyst driver

however i learned from XFX there was a requested bios flash to fix a fan issue on the card so i did their easy to follow steps to flash my VGA 6850 bios and then it said to reinstall Catalyst again. so i did

everything is running fine however a few programs no longer work as before

1) 3dmark vantage wont run it says its missing some PhySX file
2) MSI Kombustor wont run says its missing some d3dloader.dll

and on a side note nothing (3dmark06, GPU-Z CPU-Z recognize my 6850 they just read it as a generic AMD 6800 it cuz its a new card?)

my performance in games seems to be perfectly fine but its hard to tell....cuz one thing i noticed was in SC2 (currently my most strenuous game) my recommended settings all DROPPED! (however when i put things to ultra they ran fine so i duno...)

any insight is great!
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  1. ohh yah and mSI afterburner doesnt directly recognize my VGA just says general 6800 series
    and doesnt say my driver version

    sorry the exact file missing to make kombustor work is d3dcompiller.dll
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