Bios error then repeated shutting off

i built a system using: asus p5nd 750i sli motherboard, a gts 250, 250 gb hd, 600w psu, 2 gigs kingston ram and an intel pentium d dual core processor 2.66 ghz.

after about a month of use, when i pressed the startup buttion the beep at the beginning would either beep for really long without stopping, beep really fast or really slow, both never stopping unless i switched it off, no output was given by the computer.

Today, the bios did the same thing again except it loaded a screen that said 'Bio error' and it asked me to boot from a disk. i inserted my windows 7 disk but it said load disk error. i switched it off and tried to put i back on again, however,this time, the computer does not even come on at all. NOTHING TURNS ON its just dead. i am sure it is not the power supply as i checked it.

PLEASE can someone tell me what the hell is going on and help me fix it.
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  1. isolate the issue...

    pull out the video and ram, disconnect the hdd(s), pretty much everything except the psu/mobo and the cpu.

    if you say the psu is fine, and you have the same problem, its the mobo if the fans don't come on
  2. If nothing turns on then take EVERYTHING off the computer except the motherboard and power supply. By everything I also mean the processor, fans, memory etc. If it still fails to start up then the fault is either the power supply or the motherboard. The best test for a suspect power supply is by substitution. If the computer starts up add components one by one starting with the processor until it fails to start. When it fails to start you have either found the cause of your problem or the power supply is faulty. If it fails to start when you add the processor the fault could be the processor or motherboard or power supply.
  3. so you are saying the processor could be the fault of why the whole computer doesnt start ?
  4. ok so i found the problem of it not starting. i opened up the front of my computer and found that it was a short in the wires to the starter switch. i fixed that but the previous problem still holds.

    it turns on but it just beeps over and over repeatedly no output on the screen. what now....??
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