Seagate Momentus xt or intel ssd????

The Momentus is supposed to be one of the fastest hdd drives coming very close to the speed of a ssd. I love speed but for $60 less and 320GB more..... Is the speed difference that noticable? I'm not a hardcore anything. Just a casual gamer/media.
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  1. I have yet to try onemyself but I've seen lots of complaints that they aren't really any faster; they just are for what gets cached on the ssd part which isn't very big at all.
  2. No question in my mind, the SSD is superior.

    The momentus speeds up reads, but with only 32gb, not all of your data will be in the cache, available for a fast read.
    And, when it comes time to write, you are still limited by the mechanical speed of the hard drive.

    It seserves a place in a laptop where you are limited to one drive, and a ssd won't hold it all.

    In a desktop, start with a ssd, and later add a hard drive for bulk storage if you need to.
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