GTX 460 issue with AMD.

Hello gents. I've recently built a new system with an Phenom II 965 paired with an ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO mobo and a EVGA GTX 460 graphics card. Recently, my computer started freezing at the welcome screen for Win 7.

I've tried everything including reformatting and doing a clean install of Win 7 with no success. It would still freeze at the welcome screen. I can boot up into safe mode without a problem.

I then turned to the EVGA forums and found there were tons of threads on this. It seems there was an apparent issue with the GTX 460 freezing Win 7 and it seems the general consensus was using an AMD setup. Majority of the people RMA'd their cards and it seemed to fix the problem.

However, the board that I have also has a secondary PCI slot that runs at 4x instead of the 16x. I installed the GTX 460 into the 4x slot and it started working fine. I thought this was odd. Would this mean that my mobo is the problem and that my 16x PCI slot is fried? I'm trying to figure out which item to RMA...Thanks again.
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  1. have you tried a different OS to see if it still happens?
  2. Well, you could remove the drivers entirely, and boot through to Win7. Success would confirm the hang up occured as or shortly after the "correct" drivers were installed, and show the card works in the X-16 slot using the limited modes allowed by the generic VGA driver.

    Then you could try an older driver(s), to see if the driver-mobo issue is a recent development.

    You could also borrow/use a different vid card in the X-16 slot. That would confirm the slot works fine. (In retrospect, trying this first may quickly tell you to RMA the vid card.)

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. wiinippongamer said:
    have you tried a different OS to see if it still happens?

    I haven't tried a different OS. I need to make it work with Win 7.
  4. Twoboxer said:
    Well, you could remove the drivers entirely, and boot through to Win7.

    Yah, I've tried a clean boot without the drivers and it works. I just find it really odd that the graphics card works fine in the x4 slot and doesn't work in the x16 slot. Wouldn't that already tell me the graphics card is fine and the mobo is the problem? If I can play games and run 3D programs in the 4x slot, it should mean the gpu is working correctly, right?
  5. I don't know enough about the structure of a vid card to know if its possible for it to work X4, and fail electrically at X-16.

    The mobo can be proven generally OK or fail by a vid card swap.

    If I could not do that diagnostic, I would call the vid card vendor and talk through an RMA. The vid card vendor is responsible for knowing whether this type of failure could be the vid card's fault.
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