MSI cyclone or hawk??


I just want to know witch card is the best. I'm going to buy a new pc in 2011, i know ati is going to release the new 6000 serie. I just want to know witch one is the best. I want specs and maybe youtube vids. I dont like a loud card.
Whats your advice. plz leave a comment how stupid it may be, every comment counts!!!!

Anyway thx for your help.
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  1. they're both good cooling-wise, both bleed heat into the case, the cyclone is usually cheaper though.

    if there's not much of a price difference i'd get the hawk
  2. I would go with the Hawk.
  3. If you want specs, and want YouTube videos, try searching for them. :) Folks here are more than willing to help, but a lot of folks don't want to do your research for you.

    If you're not planning to buy until 2011, you're in good shape. The ATI 6000 series should be out end of 2010 from what I heard last. That means either price breaks for GTX 460's next year, or perhaps a better ATI card to choose at the time you purchase. :)

    Both the MSI Cyclone and the Hawk are very good cards. Can't really go wrong with either one. The Hawk edition cards though tend to be pretty good if you specifically want to OverClock it yourself.
  4. The Hawk is definitely at the high end of GTX460's. Here is a review of the Hawk that includes comparisons to the Cyclone:

    By next year, there will probably be some cards from both ATI and Nvidia that you will want even more for about the same current price of an MSI GTX460.
  5. I bet there's gonna be a HAWK model for the HD6770 or such..
    But the HAWK is a better card. Usually the Cyclone is just a normal card with the Cyclone cooler, while HAWKs are special PCBS with the Twin Frozr dual fan cooler with nice addons like voltage check points.

    But since you're not buying in the near future, you cant really say much productive now. Just wait.
  6. I prefer Asus Direct-Cu edition.
  7. There were a couple new GTX 460's announced with even higher clock speeds.
    EVGA FTW EE and regular cooler models @ 855mhz !
    Also this card POV - The BEAST :) got to like that name.
    also at 855mhz. As shown in the reviews , this model keeps up nose to nose with the 5850 and gtx 470. Thats impressive IMO. I don't know if the overall potential overclock is higher in these cards than the others. But it shows what the performance level is @855.
  8. I would get the Hawk but if you want personal then get the Gigabyte version. I have had no issues with so far and it is silent even at max fan speed. The Cyclone is a fine card but the one problem that people will eventually begin to moan about is the vrm cooling that is a big issue in the long run when they hit 90c and above. Plat is the worst 95-105c on the vrm. Just look up for the infra red shots and see for your self. :ouch:
  9. The Cyclone is shroud less so it depends on air turbulence from its own open fan, and case air flow. I can reliably run 920/1050, there might be a little more there if there were heat sinks on the vrm. The card is going to pull more power, create more heat, thats its limitations. I read all the reviews on Techpowerup, they take apart all the models , its interesting to note what has what. IMO, this Zotac model has gone the extra mile with a two tier sink over the chokes/vrms.
    Here are some pictures.
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