P8Z68v-pro killed USB soundcard?

Wondering if anyone has encountered/has a fix for this. I have a Razer Megalodon headset which uses a USB soundcard. It was working fine, but I just upgraded to a new motherboard and CPU and now I get no sound. The mic works fine, and the headset works (can hear the static click when I plug/unplug it) also I have updated my motherboard sound drivers, as well as the USB headset drivers.

I also tried rolling back to previous drivers, have tried disabling all other audio devices besides the USB headset, made sure that the headset is set to the default etc.

I'm sort of out of ideas, but this must be a common problem, it's not like the headset is defective, and it is supposed to be plug and play (still works if I plug into my wife's computer.

Any ideas how I get my USB headset working again?
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  1. It is probably a configuration problem. What kind of motherboard?
  2. P8Z68-V Pro
  3. after some more testing, I get audio from the headset if I plug it into the front USB ports. The back ports work, the headset is detected, but I only get sound when I use the front ports, even with all other devices disabled.

    Oh well, guess I will use it from the front ports for now.
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