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HIS 4670 or MSI N250GTS

I just recently purchased two video and I am assuming that one is better than the other but needed some professional advice. I purchased a MSI n250GTS 512 mb GDDR3 and an HIS ICEQ 4670 1GB DDR3. Now I am not running in super high resolutions so I understand that 1GB is not necessary. However, the MSI is an underclocked 250gts and the 4670 is overclocked I believe. I know the 250gts is a better card normally but in this case is that true?

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  1. the gts 250 is best by far
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    even under clocked the GTS 250 is still the better card

  3. Thank you guys very much. That is pretty much what I figured but just wanted to make sure before I sent the ATI back.
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