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Hi! :hello:

If i buy a desktop computer with these componentes in it:

Processor:AMD ATHLON ll X2 Dual Core(2.70GHz)
Hard Drive:320GB SATA
System:Windows 7 Home Premium(64-BIT)

Will this run the game World of Warcraft? :bounce:
Or should i change something in it when i buy it to get a better fps and performance? :ange:
Or can you write an example of how would be good to set up a desktop computer for gaming(example:World of Warcraft) like i wrote this extract.
Like this:
Hard Drive:.....

Thanks all :hello:
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  1. That would struggle to manage Cataclysm tbh (New WoW expansion)

    might be worth reading this,review-32061-22.html

    I have two systems in my house running Cata on

    AsRock m3a770DE Mobo
    AMD X3 435 processor (upgrade yours to 445 or 450 imo and make sure you buy retail pack, includes heatsink and fan)
    4Gb ram Win7 will use it all whereas Xp didn't
    (Mine is 1600MHz, Gf's only runs 1333MHz, google your chips number to get support spec sheet before you buy your ram)
    Sapphire 5770 1 Gb graphics card
    we both have cheap 600w psu's,hard drives and cases,
    if you go for a 'normal' hard drive, make sure its 7200rpm speed
    We get good frame rates on them, there are differences between our systems but hers maxes shadows and she still gets good frames per sescond on a non overclocked set up
    Hope this helps, Moto
  2. I had to add a GPU to my grandsons compaq with simular specs to yours. I just installed Wow this morning and havent testing it yet, its updating, but BC2 runs pretty good so far. It was fun getting back into a shooter. LoL. I haven't played one since doom3
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