Different sticks in dual channel

Will running a 2GB Kingston stick work alongside a 4GB Kingston stick in dual channel to make a total of 6GB?


CPU: Intel i5 2310

MOBO: Intel DH61WW
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  1. it will not run in dual channel active mode,just as two ram 2gb and 4gb,the lowest mhz ram will be ur ram speed,it will not double its mhz speed which is actualy dual channel mean.And if u want to run in dual channel u need to run same size ram in both slots,and lower mhz or speed ram will be ur system ram speed and if u use same mhz like 1333 both then it will be double in dual channel mode, and if u run one 1333 and another 1066 ur machine will be run on 1066 ram and dual channel it will be 2132 mhz actualy.
  2. u have to use same size ram for active dual channel mode.and ur lowest ram speed will be urs system speed and it will be double in dual channel like 1333 mhz 2 same speed rams runs double(2666 mhz) in dual channel active mode.u can use diff mhz ram for dual channel mode but not diff size ram..............
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