Samsung 500gb HM502JX is dead plz help

Hi all, i have a problem. I have an samsung 500gb hdd Model: HM502JX.
Problem is, there is a lot of data 400gigs (project from my work,
trainnings, reports and a lot more) which i didn't back
up anywhere else, so they really need that data inside that hdd.
I've tried to connect it to my computer but there
wasn't any indication that it is alive and windows didn't give any
notices as it did first time. So i tried to connect it to other
computer to see if it will give any effect, still nothing. So I'm
thinking that PCB board is gone. My question is, can i do anything else before buying new PCB and if i will buy it, will it work (what are the chances)? and
maybe someone knows where i can get PCB online or in canada,
it's ok if it's not in Canada if only shipping won't take 2 month. Also if replacement fails, what else can i do? It's a really valuable information out there for the family, so please give an advice if you have one.
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  1. From what I've seen in other storage forums, sometimes a straight board swap works for Samsungs drives, while at other times a chip transfer is required.

    If a chip swap is needed, the above supplier will include the service for free:

    Is this your board?

    Does the drive spin up? Does it make any sound, however soft?
  2. Hi Fzabkar,
    Fisrt of all Thank you very much for getting back to me!

    Is this your board? [...] ng_pcb.jpg

    The answer is YEP this is my Board.

    When it was plugged last there wasnt any sound and i dont think that the drive were spinning up.... nothing was happening .. Sounds like nothing were plugged..
    I gave it to one guy so called guru to fix it and what he wanted to do is change the USB JACK on the board but he messes the Jack up. so the board is dead now. Thats why i wanna change it and hope to get my data ...

    So chip transfer can only be done by Pro?
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    I don't know whether a straight board swap will work. You could ask The proprietor is a data recovery professional.

    It's not clear what the original problem was, but FWIW many WD users are reporting mechanical problems with the USB connectors on WD's external HDDs. That said, since your friend has destroyed the connector and perhaps the copper traces, it may be difficult to reattach it.

    If a chip swap is necessary, then this will be something that you will need to engage a professional to do. The reason is that any flash memory will be embedded within the Marvell MCU (88i8823-TFJ2).

    If you are certain that the board is OK apart from the damaged connector, then another option (for someone who can solder) would be to convert your USB board to SATA. This is only feasible if your product doesn't incorporate hardware encryption. Some WD products are encrypted, but I don't know about Samsung's.

    USB-to-SATA conversion involves intercepting the two SATA Tx/Rx signal pairs that run between the MCU and the bridge IC (JMicron JM203xx ?) on the other side of the board.

    The following thread illustrates the procedure:
  4. About the original problem i even don't know.. it was working great and all of a sudden to make it work
    i had to play with the usb connector. and later it wasnt working.
    when i was plugging it , the Led want illuminated so i knew something was wrong because it uses to have a light
    when it was plugged...

    Through the link you gave me (BTW thank for that ->very helpfull) , i saw that lot of people
    have the same problem and they tried to fix it trying to replace things by SATA conector
    i am very tempted to do that but for now i dont have equipment and knowledge doing
    so .. i understood some of what they were saying but i missed a lot too.. so
    First i am gonna try to get in touch with then see from their..

    I went out and tried to get it fix by a pro but the only Pro Shop Repair in my Village
    I would say ( i live in a very small town) when he saw that the usb connector was missing he said
    he can do anything.. Actually he is doing computer repair so I guess he doenst know stuff
    about Rx/Tx ect...

    So another option maybe there is a bigger city witch is 3h drive from where i stay
    and even that i dont know.. so it is little complicated for me...

    ""then another option (for someone who can solder) would be to convert your USB board to SATA. ""
    I think this would be my only solution

    About Encription i dont know...:(

    I will read over and over the threat and try to see how i would do that...

    But will update what route i will take...

    I have one project that i wanted to sell to one client . 80% of the work was done in there and it took me
    4 month to do so using my spare time so u see i am not luckyyyyy...
  5. I live in Berlin, Germany, have the same drive with working circuit-board but faulty drive-mechanics. I can tell, because every few attempts it will mount and work for a while, but most of the time it's not spinning up and the heads don't kick in properly. By putting my ear close to the drive, I can hear a whining sound, telling me it's not spinning up alright. By flicking a finger against the drive, I could sometimes make it spin up and work for a while.

    If you'd be interested in having me send you my drive so you can take off the circuit-board and attach it to your drive, let me know.

  6. Sounds like stiction or bad bearing (lubrication problem?), or it could be insufficient power from the USB port. Have you tried a USB Y-cable?
  7. Hi Dom, Thank you for taking the time to try to help me out...
    I would be more than interested to give it a try... I am 100% sure that my Drive is ok i only have Circuit issue so It would help a lot if you would do so..
    I live in Canada. My Email address is watt{dot}ibra[at]gmail{dot}comso feel free to inbox me and then we will see how to manage it.
    Thanks again!
  8. fzabkar said:
    Sounds like stiction or bad bearing (lubrication problem?), or it could be insufficient power from the USB port. Have you tried a USB Y-cable?

    Thank you, fzabkar - I tried different cables including Y-type, but the problem seems unrelated to USB power. "Stiction" describes it very well, because gently flicking a finger against the broad side of the drive worked quite well for some time. But recently this trick stopped working.
    So I mailed PcSolver a photo of my circuit-board - if it matches his, perhaps he can use it to access the data on his drive...
  9. @PcSolver I assume you already fixed your problem or maybe you just waiting. If you hard drive is spinning most likely you PCB is ok and you don't need to waste money on buying one. Make sure you don't have any clicking noises, in this case only data recovery company can help you. I found the drive you are looking for Unfortunately this is not PCB, but the hard drive itself. Also if it is not spinning, these hard drive have problem with USB 2.0 connector, because it is integrated, so make sure it still has all connectors attached and nothing is loose. Good luck
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