???Avoid reinstalling windows????

So when I transferred my Windows 8 pro license from my laptop to my new desktop it was a severe Pain in the @$$!! After dealing with a nice but very strong accented Microsoft employee for like 45 minutes and had to read him this 50 some odd code line a dozen times ...argghhhh Finally got it done. Now Here I am a few months later and I have two builds ahead of me and 2 people, me and my mother, that have Licenses we want to transfer over to our new hdds via windows install disc and serial key entry.....My question basically is when I install windows 8 via disc on these 2 machines it will install then tell me windows isn't activated and then I'll have to repeat the steps above 2 fold ....I really would love to know if there is a workaround other than stealing it lol jk jk. I have read up on migrating an os somewhat but would that work if the hdd was going into a completely different system????Seems like driver issues etc would prevent that from working, but like I said, I don't know any help would be great!

I know I am in the ssd section so I should clarify that 1 of the new "hdds" is an SSD.
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  1. Windows 8 allows you to reinstall on a new pc as long as ur not going to keep using it on another one. Its a change from 7. You have the license key right?

    Edit: i think acronis will let u clone to dissimilar hardware.
  2. I do have the windows key but after the install completes it will windows isn't activated and says I breached terms of use, even after formatting over the originals. I ve had this happen to me 3 other separate times with other builds which the owners had legit licenses. it adds like an extra 2 hours to my build time having to go through Microsoft over the phone..psssttt...Arconis I will be checking out right now.
  3. Actually, if the copy of win 8 pro came preinstalled on the laptop you got lucky. The ability to transfer is for system builder and retail.
  4. it was the 39.99 upgrade
  5. have you tried installing the original hdd in the new computer, letting it update, and reactivate (due to new hardware)
    and then cloning to the new hdd/ssd?
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