460 power question

i saw a lot of different benches showing power consumption of 460s

they ranged from 420 to 500 from stock to overclocked

now is this just the cards or the entire system??
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  1. Whole system.
    The cards are rated at 150-160.
    If overclocked and volt adjusted maybe 200 for just the card.
  2. yea i was reading an article earlier said about 20 watts idle and about 140 150 full load
  3. k thanks

    figured id ask because on other forums ppl suggested 750 watt for sli setups and wen i saw 6-8 benches showing 500 w MAX for 2 overclocked 460s i was like no way all you would need is 650 dont know y ppl are suggesting 750-850 unless its just because its less stress on the psu
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