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I have a GA-P55-UD6.

Yesterday, after update the NIC () drivers, my networ came down from 1Gb to 10Mb. Then, I tried to recover old drivers, but after messing arround, the ethernet cards seems to be broken. I even try to start from Ubuntu DVD, and the cards are recognized, but not trasmitting any package.
Any help?
I am going to reset and update the bios, in case is corrupt.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    If the reset BIOS don't work (I think that will not work), RMA the mobo.
  2. do you have the CD i notice on my gigabyte board when i updated the drivers i lost connection and when i roll them back still no luck. .

    What i had to do is uninstall them and install them back with the CD.

    You can look for old version of that driver as well.

    Also did you let windows install them
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