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UGGG!! :fou: Ive been at this for a LONG time so I said WTH Ill ask the TOM's community. anyways I have a wireless router (linksys WTR54G router) and im trying to connect it to my FIOS router (which also has wireless) and I've tried a lot of configurations and it just doesnt work. The wireless on the FIOS router has to be on because I just want my own personal wireless network. So if you guys could help me out that would be very much appreciated.
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  1. If you're trying to connect the two via wireless they both need to support WDS -- other wise ethernet cable between the two perhaps as per this:
  2. Are you trying to setup two separate wireless networks, or use the Linksys as an access point?
  3. Im trying to make two separate networks
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    make sure you set the internal IP of the Linksys to something like

    set a password on the Linksys wireless.

    then you connect the Linksys WAN port to your FIOS router.
  5. Thanks alot emerald, that worked!
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