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Yes, I'm serious. I wrote a stickied guide in another section, and I am asking for help picking a modem.

Now that I'm getting around to upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit (if you want to see my hardware, you can look in my profile), none of the modems in my parts drawer work. So what should I get for Windows 7? I've looked at Microsoft's list of Win7-compatible modems. $80 for a modem? My priorities are approximately as follows:

0) Has drivers for, or works without drivers in, Win7. XP chose a modem driver for me as part of installation; why can't 7?
1) Sends and receives faxes.
2) Hardware modem - why drain my CPU? Or is that old-think that I picked up 20 years ago, and CPUs are so fast that soft modems are entirely reasonable now?
3) PCI. PCI slots I've got. Or is this stupid - should I go PCI-E x1 so it will work in my next machine, too?
4) All my old ones have an audio connector. I'm a cranky old f*rt and set in my ways - I want an audio connector. It makes a cool speakerphone!

I'll probably recover from the shock of finding out that something this basic fails to come over from XP to 7 in a day or two. In the meantime, someone save me the trouble of thinking and find me a nice simple choice. Or educate me in what modems are today.

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  1. Zoom 3025 V.92 56K-PCI FaxModem W7 x86/x64 compatible

    Zoom 3035 56K V.92 FaxModem PCI Express W7 x86/x64 compatible

    Drivers @ http://www.zoom.com/techsupport/dial_up/pci.shtml
  2. Das_stig: Thanks, but both are softmodems. I'm kinda looking for a full modem, or an explanation of why it deesn't matter anymore (my question 2).
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