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DVD Drive Causing BSOD

Last response: in Storage
February 9, 2013 1:21:09 AM

Hi all,

I put together my new PC a couple of weeks ago, and for the most part it's been running smoothly. However, a couple of days ago I started getting messages from the Intel Manager thing (can't remember exact name) about the device in SATA port 1 being disconnected, then a few seconds later it would say it reconnected. The DVD drive is the port 1 device, and after a few minutes of this disconnecting and reconnecting I would get a BSOD. I have since unplugged the drive from the MOBO and had no shutdowns since. Basically I'm trying to determing whether I have a faulty drive, or faulty MOBO. Preferably it's the former.

Relevant Specs:

ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 MOBO
Super Write Master DVD reader/writer (this drive is quite old, and was taken from a previous PC)

Any thoughts would be great.

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a b G Storage
February 9, 2013 2:51:41 AM

try the drive in another sata port with another cable and if you still have the same issue then it is time for a new one .
March 10, 2014 6:34:38 PM

Hey, i have also been having a problem similar to yours, i don't know if you have fixed it yet but i am in the process of doing so. i built my PC about 4 months ago and occasionally my computer would BSOD. I never put it in a friends PC cause it happened too infrequently but enough to get annoying. So i tried many different things and i finally realized that it might be my disk drive which a took from an older computer and was sharing the same SATA power cable as my disk drive. So i unplugged my disk drive all together and now i'm testing to see if it makes a difference. Ya and i'm also really just hoping that its my HDD or my disk drive.
a b G Storage
March 11, 2014 8:34:23 AM

@ Iamrock10 sata port dont share with other it is only ide that does it ,i suggest you start a post with your issue this way you could get specific help for what you enconter .