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I have done a lot of reading online and it seems that "cold-boot" problems are common with Gigabyte boards. Is this true?

I custom built my PC about 7 months ago with a Gigabyte GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R LGA 1366.
My PC started shutting off if I left it on for a few hours. I pressed the power button, and nothing. Not a sound. If I unplug the PSU and re-plug, it would power up, but nothing on the screen and then immediately shut off and re-cycle this for about 10 times. Eventually it would boot into Windows.

I thought the issue was my second HDD (because I installed GRUB/Ubuntu on it, it would try to boot into it first) , so I unplugged it, and it's still doing the same thing. This morning I powered up, and it power cycled twice before it got into the OS.

I'm starting to think it's my motherboard, which is still under warranty. How can I be sure?

I have Windows 7 64 bit, CPU fan is 1280 RPM plus 3 other fans, a Corsair 750W PSU, intel i7 CPU, and 8GB RAM.

Any advice would really be appreciated.
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  1. Also a friend suggested that I purchase a UPS. Said the issue might be with insufficient or inconsistent power. I'm not sure if this makes sense? Seems like if I try to boot up it should definitely have enough power? Why would it suddenly power down, and then start fine the second time?
  2. This happened to me when I was trying to OC my memory & cpu. Whenever I set the BIOS to a setting that was not compatible or something the puter would shut down and restart with errors in a window on the screen then shut down again and boot up with default settings for the memory, etc.

    You probably need to set up your BIOS to something that works better. Maybe a BIOS update too.
  3. Aye, I agree with spooky. First check for Bios updates and compatibility and overclocking issues. Unless you have some Big SLI or Crossfire Video cards, you shouldn't be having an issue with a Corsair 750w. If you have an extra PC, you can try swapping parts to isolate the issue. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Well this is strange. Ever since I removed the power going to the second HDD, it seems to be booting fine now. It only did the power cycle thing about 2 times after I removed it, but not anymore.

    Why would a bad HDD cause this? Also, I don't think the HDD is dead. If I plug it back in, I can access the OS and everything, but it does the cold boot/ shutting off.
  5. I spoke too soon.

    Today it powered up, but did not boot into anything. The monitor did not even come on. Also, I heard a loud clicking noise like I usually do. I always thought that was coming from my second HDD, but it is unplugged.

    Could my 1st HDD be bad? but it's brand new?

    I unplugged it and then left the 2nd HDD plugged in only (old Western Digital). Now I can get into Ubuntu.

    I guess I will try to flash the BIOS. But I still don't understand what is going on.
  6. I have the same problem and found a solution. In the BIOS settings, after setting the default standard in Fast Boot menu select Ultra fast. Ready! Cold boot will never happen again.
  7. Thiago Marques Silva said:
    I have the same problem and found a solution. In the BIOS settings, after setting the default standard in Fast Boot menu select Ultra fast. Ready! Cold boot will never happen again.

    I have just built and upgraded a system, and was a bit miffed as to why it wouldn't boot from cold, My problem is really only occurring when the PC is left in a stop state ( with power d own) and because it's a Skylake, I suspected that it was the advanced power shut States of the cpu , but now I have read my corsair, 860I is compatable with 4th gen cpu's. So I suspect I will have to also set ultra fast boot. Pleased I read this post, I'm so old, we used to use dual semaphore flags to transmit info, before the Net arrived. Love PC,s and am an embedded HW engineer, so work on I.T too, Thinking of now up grading from GTX 770 to a shiner GTX 980ti but don't know if it's worth the £££,s. Happy computing, Baron210. Oh btw, boards a Z170 - XP sli / x- fire from Gigabyte with F3 BIOS, might flash BIOS too, but only a BETA available as latest.
  8. I have run Gigabyte motherboards for several years. That being said, I think I am done with them - because of the boot problems. Initially I thought the problems were just with the AMD motherboards, but my last two Gigabyte motherboards for Intel processors are having massive boot problems.

    The issues tend to be sporadic. Sometimes they start up without any issues. Other times they simply hang at the Windows logo screen, other times I don't even get that far.

    Tech support isn't very helpful, either. I have had to send two motherboards in to Gigabyte tech support. The first one (AMD processor) they tested and sent back claiming it was fine. It wasn't. When I called to comment on this problem, they admitted they couldn't test for the boot problems. (The second one was a DOA that they kept claiming was the processor's fault until I let them know that I had used three different processors.)

    If you need to send your motherboard back (you said it was under warranty), good luck!
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