3 hard drives... Which one is failing?

My desktop has 3 drives. 2 are in a RAID 0 configuration the 3rd (C:/) is stand alone. One of the drives makes a HMMM sound (like an old man clearing his throat) every 10 seconds or so. I assume that this is an indication of some imminent disk failure.

Any suggestions as to how to determine which HD is at risk so I can replace it before it dies.


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  1. unplug the 3 one and restart if you still have the sound there is one of your raid ,drive maker got a software tool that you could use to test the drive without knowing the name and model of the drive could not link you to those tools .
  2. I figured it out!! O opened the case to try your solution and realized the vibration was coming from the CPU cooling Fan. Now to see it I can get a replacement or something. I am sure the fan is providing adequate cooling but the noise is driving me crazy... not a long drive in any event.

    Any thoughts (about the fan) would be appreciated.

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    you could try to find a fan with the same specs or do yourself a favor get a after market cooler for your cpu like the 212 evo
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