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Hey guys my current system is:

gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 motherboard
Asus Gtx 460
1 Tb hard drive
corsair 4 gb of ram
Intel Core I3 2100
corsair 600w
Windows 7 64 bit

I am wanting to upgrade to 8 gb of ram or more. Should I/need to buy the exact same ram (4 gb) or should I buy a new kit 2 x 4 gb. And I am wondering if my motherboard supports more than 4gb of ram, and when I get the money am I able to remove my I3 and put in a I5 2500k/I7 2600k? Would I need a new power supply? Also does the voltage of the ram matter? I think my current ram is 1.6 or 1.65.
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  1. You can buy another 2x2gb kit or a new 4x2gb kit, it's up to you. Just make sure you get the exact same kind if your adding 2 more.

    If you have just 1 4gb stick, then your not even running in dual channel mode for best performance, I would suggest another identicle 4gb stick.

    Your mobo supports up to 32gb of ram.
  2. Alright, If I wanted to get 16 gb of ram should I get an I5 2500k / I7 2600k first? Or is my I3 2100 good enough?
  3. Why do you need 16gb of ram?

    is your 2100 good enough for what?

    Processor has no relation to ram. Cpu does it's job and memory does it's job.
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