Hello, My media center HP m7680n, got some kind of virus. All of a sudden window shut down. Monitor screen goes in sleep mode. Every time i boot up a strange language comes up, like; @ bece 'B' fob cdandabd@C Becofebi o'dionc. @bec "F" do fobmad dhe habd dbife and beincdall dhe obiginal facdobi ceddingc. All dada gill be locd. @ bece 'A' do Aeif dhic mene. I tried to restore the sustem, used restore DVD's, but no luck. After pressing F10 key and checking hard drives, memory, every things shows ok in safe mode. I was told that " Bois got virus". I also remove the battery and reinstalled it, but same problem exists. Need help please....Thank You.
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  1. Completely reformat the drive when you restore.
  2. agreed
  3. Sounds like it may need an exorcism.

    Id like to add that sometimes some viruses can survive a format. You may try software that writes over your harddrive before reinstalling your OS.
  4. Try running through the malware guide in my signature. That will remove most infections.
  5. To be fair, it COULD be bad RAM; I've seen bad RAM on the GPU cause this type of problem before...
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