Move 2TB mirror from Dlink NAS to HP Microserver

Hi guys,
I have used a Dlink NAS for around a year now, its ok but is slow. I decided to get a HP Microserver and use that to host my movies & music. I have installed Ubuntu on it, but have no idea how to get the drives working as a mirror.

I have around a 1TB of data and nowhere to store a copy incase things go wrong. I want to take the 2 x 2TB drives from my Dlink NAS and use the existing mirror in my server.

Any advice would be appreciated

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  1. 'The Dlink as well as the HP use software raid, that is specific to the sata controller and driver. No way to move it without high risk. assuming, that it is a raid1: if you want to take the risk, you can break the raid, re-write the mbr to get a single drive, but rebuilding a raid on the hp will erase the data anyway.
  2. Consider either FreeNAS or NAS4Free using ZFS so you do not need hardware RAID. You most likely will want to either mirror or use 3 disk RAIDZ1.

    Do not forget to backup (whether using RAID or ZFS). Which reminds me, you say you have no place to store a copy, so you are not backing-up? RAID is not a backup! Pairs of hard drives can and do fail, and then there is accidental deletions, file corruption, fire, theft and acts of god to guard against. So add something like a Seagate Expansion 3TB USB 3.0 Black Desktop Hard Drive STBV3000100. Use it to store one copy of your data while you build your new system and for backup afterwards.

    Note that I said one copy, as I NEVER work without 2 backup copies. So borrow another external hard drive or hard drive for your PC if you have to, but make that second copy (unless of course you don’t mind losing your data).
  3. Are the drives in the dlink setup in a raid array and if yes, which raid? If you are running raid0 you will need another media to temporary copy your data. You should also check which filesystem the dlink uses. If the dlink runs linux, you will more than likely be able to install them in the HP and read the drives directly in ubuntu.
  4. I second the motion for FreeNAS or NAS4Free using ZFS. And a backup to an external drive or some other device is a must. A good use for your Dlink NAS. FYI, I have good luck with Netgear's NV+ NAS in home and small office environments....
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