Got a XFX 6850 and.....Help me decide what to do!

I love it thing runs like a beast...OCs like no other but heres my pseudo dilemma....

i just bought it and LOVE it got it for 199.99$ CDN yesterday i just received a 500$ cheque as a thinking i return the 6850 and wait for the 6900 series to come out and grab one of those? or do i stick with the 6850 as it rocks and if need be grab another 6850 down the road?

if i return the 6850 i gotta pay a 15% restocking fee.

heres my current sytem specs

Asus m4a89gtd 890GX mobo
AMD Phenom II X4 965BE @ 3.61ghz
Patriot 2x2gb G-series 1600mhz Ram
XFX Black 850w 80+Silver PSU
XFX Radeon 6850 running at 850mhz/1025mhz
Hyper 212+ in Push/Pull
Haf 922
Win 7 64 bit

Currently on a 22" LG 2242TQ Monitor 1680x1050 (i like it/dont mind it) may upgrade one day but have no need now...and even if i did i dont got room for an eyefinity setup or a monitor any bigger then 22"s

I plan on getting CoD Black Ops or Medal of Honor and possible BFBC2 and i have SC2

so help me decide what to do!
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  1. I'd suggest keeping your 6850. If you upgrade your monitor, you can just drop in another 6850 and you'll be set.
    And the $30 restocking fee is a bit much.
  2. thanks! i figured i was just being a goof and assumed that what you said is actually the best idea

    but u never know these 6900s might just be absolutely amazing?
  3. +1 to blackjellonomes suggestion: 890GXes are overpriced when u could nab Asrock 870 @@

    An idea of a HD 6850CF capable build (USD though)
  4. umm batchuka i dont need a build i already HAVE the build i posted LOL
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    I'd say grab a second 6850, and either a higher rez monitor or a second one, and spend the rest on a few actual games
  6. I'd wait - wait for some tests, benchmarks and reviews and then go from there.
  7. im keeping my 6850 this card is ******* amazing

    i got it overclocked to 910mhz core and 1050mhz mem and thats w/o a voltage increase....this card really is the beast overclocker the reviews say it is
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