Reinstall programs that were on a now dead hard drive

Hi All...
Ok so I noticed my hard drive was dying as in it started to rattle and now freezes the computer often so I have disconnected it. The problem is that I had various programs installed on the hard drive and upon trying to install those programs onto a new one I get the following error: "Invalid Drive: F:\" which was the hard drive that died. How do I stop the program from trying to reinstall onto the same drive? also the program in particular that I'm talking about is 7zip 64bit haven't tried with any of the other programs that were installed on the hard drive yet. Any ideas?
btw I read on yahoo answers that revo uninstaller might work but after running that and removing all registry entries and restarting I still get the invalid drive error.
any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Un-install it from control panel / software?
  2. Thats what I originally tried yeah but that won't work without the dead harddrive it would appear.
    somehow even after deleting the registry entries the program defaults to the non existant hard drives location without even giving me the chance to change directories...
    thanks for the quick reply btw.
  3. start clean, use the other drive, format, install everything.
  4. Well through running Clonezilla in rescue mode as a bootable CD I managed to get pretty much most of the files off of the harddrive. Now with my new installed drive with the same drive letter I can run all the programs just fine. The dead harddrive is now going to be binned...
    thanks for the support
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