Cant find 2nd harddrive

Hello, i have windows 7 installed and i have used 2 harddisks before but now when i plugged in the other one it does only show on device management but not on the disk management in the computer management tools.

How can i fix it so i can use it again?

P.S i can find it in my installation setup of windows too.
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  1. The foreign dynamic disk it the new disk. You need to right click on it and import the foreign disk before the volume will show up. This will not destroy the data.
  2. how do i do that?
  3. I can not do that .. look at my pictures i put as first reply and you can see what it looks like.. there is only 1 disk in the disk management and no foreign ones.
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    You need to set up your old hard drive as a slave. The primary hard drive being the master.

    Take out the hard drive you are trying to install and on the back set the jumper to "slave". Assuming the other one is in the default master position, you shouldnt have any more problems.

    P.S Make sure, both hard drives are NTFS

    Good luck
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