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Gtx 460 1gb or 768, also is this enough?

With new games coming out, my 8600 GT isn't going to cut it anymore; and it's been holding me back already for a bit now.

I'm almost certain I'm getting a GTX 460, but there seems to be a jump in price from the 768mb to the 1gb. The 768mbs have fallen in price down to $170 or so, but I haven't really seen the 1gb below $230 or so. Is it worth the price difference? Should I wait for another price drop soon?

The next game I'm getting is FF14, so I don't really need to buy until the end of the month.
Here's my system:

2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo
MSI P35 Neo-F
6gb DDR2 RAM
500W PSU
acer p221w

I know my CPU is aging, but I don't think I can upgrade for a few months yet. Will it be a bottleneck in my system?


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    The HD6000 cards will supposedly be out next month so you may want to wait for that. Even if you don't get one of them the competition will hopefully drive down prices.
    Your cpu is fine if you overclock it.
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