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I have just installed Win 7 Home prem on a OCZ 240Gb Sata 2 drive and connected it to the same plugs as the original drive i'm replacing which was a hybrid Momentus XT and I get the message above. Asus P8P67-M mobo, THe bios defaults to OCZ as the boot disk. I had two other HD's as well which I dont have connected that were storage drives. When these are connected as well I can get the OCZ to boot. What am I missing please?
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  1. You surely did not try to install Windows onto a drive, which was connected to a computer that already had a hard drive in it with another Windows install already on it, did you? If you did, it will create all sorts of problems. You need to unhook all other drives except the drive that you are installing Windows on, then do the install. Likewise, you cannot do the install on one computer, and then change the drive to another computer. The install must be done on the computer the drive will stay in.
  2. HI Thanks for the reply. Nope. I had the original system disk unplugged. I did have two other storage HD's connected though as I didint think that would matter.
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    Do you have remains of an old OS install on either of those 2 drives? It sounds to me like you do, and the install has picked up the boot section or MBR record from one of them. That is why the SSD will boot with those drives hooked up, and when you unhook them it won't boot. Try doing the install again with nothing but the SSD hooked up. Its an SSD, won't take long to redo it!
  4. I think that might have been it. As you replied I was reinstalling with just the SSD drive and it appears to have worked this time.

    Many thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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