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Alright so heres where im stuck i have an old laptop hard-drive with vista on it the laptop is dead but i have an external setup that i put the hard-drive into and it works.. my new pc that i put together is coming in the mail and i was wanting to wipe the old hard-drive and reinstall vista only problem is is that i don't have the cd? i think it may be on the hard-drive. I still have the SN sticker thats on the laptop so i hope you all wouldn't mind telling me how to go about wiping the drive and reinstalling vista?


P.S. i hate vista just im on the poor mans sallary reusing what i got :P planing to upgrade to 7 when i get the chance.
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    Unfortunately you can't use the existing Product Key from your laptop to install Windows on a different computer. That key is "tied" to that laptop for life, as is the Windows Vista that's installed on it. Neither are transferrable to another computer.

    You'll have to buy a retail copy of Windows, and that will include it's own Product Key in the packaging. Getting Vista now may prove to be a challenge, even new copies of Windows 7 are getting thin on the ground.
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  3. thanks mate
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