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I have an old laptop hard drive that I am using as an external storage device. When i plug the drive p it comes up with my storage space
(which is named), then three extra ones ranging in size from 100 mb to 13 GB. I would like to get rid of the extras and just use the hard drive as it was intended for 500 gb. how do I go about this?
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    delete all partitions repartition and format.
  2. I did that and now when I plug the SATA bridge into the usb port it doesn't show up in my computer. It shows up under the remove hardware icon and shows up in computer as "F:/" but it says please insert a disk into F:/
  3. You repartitioned the drive and formatted it and it does not show up?
  4. Yeah. I did it through computer management on the control panel and now it shows up as a shadow and says there is nothing there. The drive was empty so if it's lost there was nothing major on there. the only thing on there was the old os from the laptop.
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