Newly built pc not turning on

Hi, so I finished bulding my friends computer yesterday when we plugged it in and hit power, nothing happened. We waited a few minutes and tried again, and then it powered up but it did not POST, basically no video. So we turned it on and off a couple of times and nothing happened. Then I tried pressing the Mem OK button and i think it beeped or something, and after that the computer has not turned on.

Today, my friend came and pointed out i did not connect the atx power to the cpu on the mobo and I thought that was it, but still, nothing happens when i try to power up. I know, noob mistake.

Here is the computers specs:

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 LE
PSU: 700W OCZ MODx Stream-Pro
HSU: Cool Master
CPU: I69-2500k Intel core i5 unclocked LGA1155

Ram is patriot ram SECTOR 7

so far, i took everything out kept the mobo, psu, hsu, and the cpu tried to power it and nothing. there is a red light by the words epu and the tpu switch, and the motherboard light is green. Also the intel P67 on the motherboard is super hot, and the computer is just plugged in, I almost burned myself.

So now I do not know what to do, I am going to try to boot my psu using that green cable thing I saw, then remove the cpu and try to put it back in for damages, but so far no luck.

To speed things up I was hoping if you can, you can just Skype me

my skype ID is mandeep2150, I will try to add as many people as I can and I can webcam this although there is no point to that.
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  1. First couple of things to check is all your power connectors are firmly pressed in.

    2nd, Unplug all HDD, CDROM's as well as any cards in the system (leave graphics card in)

    Is it a high powered card, have you plugged in the additiona power connector/s to the Graphics Card.

    do you have a system speaker connected to listen for error beeps?

    Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep (same lenght and tone) is generally RAM

    Beeeep Beep,Beep Beeeep (short and long beeps combined) is generally Video Card.

    The post beep will check for RAM first then Video Card.

    so remove the video card all together and you should get the video card beep.
    remove the RAM and you should get the RAM beep (regardless of video in or out)
  2. Yes that is what I have dont right now but nothing happens, I left the graphics card out but the system does not boot. I press power and there is no response, fans dont move nothing. It never posted, and I do have a speaker but so far it has made no sound
  3. ok is there lights on the motherboard indicating power is working.
  4. is there a switch on the back of the power supply? is it on ( I ) is the symbol that should be pressed down
  5. yes there is a green light on the motherboard and it is on, like i said, the green light is on in the motherboard there is also a red light by the tpu switch and it does not go off even if i move the switch.
  6. my aim is manskizzles, i want to solve this quickly incase you can not skype
  7. the motherboard will hold power for a little while after the PSU is turned off, but after 10-30 seconds it should go out.

    Ok so it could be the switch or where its plugged in. can you unplug ALL of the USB headers and Audio headers from the case to the board, also unplug the power button, reset, HDD and Power light headers from the case.

    Grab a small screw driver with insulated end (plastic) and bridge the 2 pins shown below.
  8. i did this, i tried shorting those 2 pins and it was a no go. i took off the hsu and re seated the cpu a few seconds ago. still nothing.
  9. your board should turn on and spin fans even if NO cpu is fitted.

    do you have a PSU from another computer you can test with?
  10. as of right now, all that is connected is the cpu, 3 fans, and a speaker. nothing is working and the tpu light is on, a little red light and when i move the switch the light is still there. I do have a friend with another psu, i think i will give him a try. I rma'd my mobo since i am approaching 30 days and I will do the same for the psu right now just in case.
  11. it sounds like PSU is the most likley fault. but my 2nd would be Mobo.

    have you tried it with the TPU disabled?
  12. i tried it both ways, light will not go off. nothing works. could it be i pressed the mem ok button?
  13. do the lights change / do anything when you press Mem Ok?
  14. no nothing happens when i press it. before when the computer powered on but did not go into post, i pressed it and after that it stopped powering up
  15. yeah sounds like either PSU or Mobo, let me know how you go with the powersupply test.
  16. i was about to do it now but i have no way to check the voltage. I RMA'd both the mobo and the psu so looks like I am back in square 1 here where i wait.
  17. dont need to check the voltage, if it came out of a working machine and its rated to 500+ it should be able to atleast post the system. (or atleast generate post beeps)
  18. You can try it, but its not a great test.

    it will only show if the PSU is totally dead or not.
    you are getting some life from it (lights on mobo)

    unless you have it under load (powering components) you wont know.
  19. ok so i got another powersupply from some old hp computer sitting around. i hooked it up and now the lights just blink on the mobo, both the tpu switch one and the power one, even after unplug the power from the psu, it blinks. however there is not a 8pin connector for the cpu, just a 4 pin, so i only put 4 pins for the cpu -___- but still, it did not power up or anything
  20. if it was an i3 i would have said you may not need the 8pin CPU power. however being a 2500k id reccomend finding a newer / more powerfull PSU with the 8pins

    Being an old HP its prob only like a 200-300watt peak power PSU.

    you can also take the OCZ PSU you got and try it in your / a friends PC to see if it works there.
  21. that is a good idea, i will do that right now
  22. yea the psu works, it seems to be the mobo
  23. im going to pull it out of the case and pack it up, but before i do i will test it one more time incase it was shorting on the computers case or something
  24. got a new mobo and everything works. the other one was shorting somewhere, which is why that one part got reallly hot
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