THG Whining in iPod Review

I'm not an Apple zealot, but I have to ask what's up with THG's one-page long whine about Apple's attitude towards Windows users ?

The company's commentary is directed towards Windows, not the humans that use it. Most people understand this.

The complaints sound like sour grapes on the part of THG and is not becoming for an otherwise objective site.

Please refrain from waxing political because your opinion won't necessarily resonate with your reader-base !
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  1. Yes, it was quite a different article for THG. THG seemed pretty passionate in its blast of Apple but equally passionate in its praise of the iPod. Anyhow, I just wanted to provide more info about the iPod.
    1. My 20 GB iPod does have a firewire cover
    2. The belt clip broke off the iPod holder (pretty shoddy)
    3. The packaging was awesome and I bet expensive. All the cables were bagged nicely and had custom caps to protect the connectors. The iPod had a hard plastic taped around the entire casing and then placed in a cloth bag with a tie string (similar to buying a pair of shoes from Bally). The packaging definitely gave the iPod the feeling that it came from an expensive boutique. To most hardcore computer geeks (lol), this packaging would be considered whimsical.
    4. I've been thinking about making movies. Wouldn't it be cool if the dv camcorder could store the movies directly to the iPod? The iPod would then surely pay for itself.
  2. I find your comments about my article to be at best, well I guess I would say strange.

    Out of all of the reviews that I have done, have never started out like this.

    I was trying to show passion and explain my feelings about Apple's PR machine and their marketing direction.

    I liked the iPod, and I feel it is still a best in class product, but I knew when I unleashed my opinion in the opening of the article, I knew some would not like it and in fact I have not received one positive comment about it.

    Perhaps, I should have just left it out, but that is not my style, because I felt you had a right to know. I guess you are faulting me for that as well.

    Personally, I felt that many would agree with Apple's "snob" attitude and I encountered this first hand with a visit to my local Apple store.

    I always get Emails from readers asking me to share my vision and this intro for the article was part of that vision, perhaps it would have been better as a Rant-O-Matic column.

    Thanks for your feedback and I will consider it before writing something like this again.
  3. Just a note, MAC is either Media Access Control or a brand of cosmetics. The computer is not an acronym, it's 'Mac'.
  4. You've mentioned "snob" attitude twice. Please clarify.
  5. Well, i liked the article. I have to say that i also didnt agree with your interpretation of the Apple statement, but i wanted to thank you because i certainly critically analyzed it myself and came up with my own opinions based on what they said and what you said. Which to be honest is not something that i always do with technology stuff, although it's really a must when i look at research in the medical field. Everybody has a perspective, a background, prejudices and often an agenda whether we like them or not, and that applies to both Apple and you as the article reviewer.

    So i absolutely wouldnt worry about people not giving you lots of warm and agreeable statements about your opinions, i'm really glad that you made them.
    At the end of the day it made me think.

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  6. What one page whine are you referring to? I thought the article was nice that it looked at the ipod from different viewpoints. The company's commentary may be directed towards windows, but it subtly does direct it towards the users. But then the general mass of zealots don't understand or see this.
    Anyways, as long as the writers opinions aren't totally one sided (which they weren't in this case), let him give it.
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