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I just got a Samsung 191T after reading some of the reviews on the user opinions at the new egg site. Some said there was no ghosting (dam bastards) Its not that bad but anyone have any tips on minimizing the ghosting?
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  1. The Samsung 191T is a good LCD monitor, but you are going to get ghosting. I saw a post about making images darker or something like that, it will reduce the ghosting. A friend of mine gave his away, becuase he plays FPS games, graphic work and movie watching because it could not match his CRT.

    Hopefully in a year or so, LCDs will be as good as CRT and be the same price.

    Problem with reviewers, is that they try to justify their purchase and they paid so much. I find it is better to get reviews from professionals. I find LCDs inferior at this point so maybe I am not a good reviewer!

    The listerz might give you some good solutions.

    Any chance of returning it and getting a good 21" CTR? hehe

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  2. I hate to say this, but I saw that monitor for myself. I can't understand where people come off saying there is a limited amound of ghosting. In any game such as counter-strike, it's simply horrendous. I was going to get a 19" plus LCD, but due to this problem Im going to go trinitron... there doesn't seem to be a large size (1600x1200 19"+) ghost free LCD coming out soon. The few that are seem to be comparatively low res. (LG Phillips?)
  3. First of all the ghosting is not horrendous. I have a 191t and there is ghosting but the brighter you can make the game the less ghosting you will have. I wish I had waited for the Hitachi CML174 but when that came out it was to late for me to return the 191t. I'm still happy with the monitor though. I play SOFII a lot and I set the brightness in the game to max. I get minimal ghosting and it mainly happens when you have a dark object in front of a light background. The grey colors are what this monitor has trouble with. All in all it's still a probably one of the best 19" LCD's out there.

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  4. It's really wierd. Some games are perfect no ghosting, others are just so-so.

    No ghosting: UT2003
    RalliSport Challenge
    Nascar Thunder 2003

    Medium Ghosting Battlefield 1942
    Medal of honor and spearhead

    I would have thought the racing games would be the worst?
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