Connection Drops (ADSL)

Ok guys:

I have a Binatone ADSL 500 (latest Drivers) modem.
I have Windows XP SP2 (Clean install as of 10minutes ago :lol: )
And an Internet connection which has a few gremlins!


I've had ADSL for around a year now, and it has worked great (no d/c / slow d/l speeds). But around 3 months ago it started d/c randomly and it became a real pain in the arse. It got worse and worse until it would not connect at all. I had a BT enginner come out to test the line - it worked fine. Out of desperationg I installed the modem in my dad's PC - and it worked, GREAT(ish).

I then decided to do a complete re-install of windows and see if that would cure it, it did'nt. Weird I thought. After around a month of using my Dad's PC for the net, I happened to re-install windows again for some reason. I again put the modem back into my PC - AND IT WORKED. YAY!

I never discovered why it decided to work.

The problem is, my internet is again starting to act weird, as it did before. I have also noticed that any other programs like SETI, Windows media player, ...anything if running completely stop the internet from working. If I close them, if works fine, until it decided to randomly d/c.

Help me please, I have no idea what the hell is going on!

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  1. Have you tried a firmware update for your modem?
  2. I don't think you can on this modem. I looked on the Binatone site and googled but found nothing. Anymore idea's?

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  3. Oh bummer, Im out of ideas then. I had problems with my internet connection whe using my DG814 router but after a firmware update it was fine.
    It was something to do with the NAT tables getting too big for the buffer.
  4. Hmm, this is really bugging me, I know it's not the ISP's fault. It's definatly my PC.

    I've uninstalled the USB2.0 drivers, and now I'm running USB1.0. I wonder how long the connection is going to last - so far 3mins 45secs.

    It seems ok for the moment :eek:

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  5. it just died. Argh, this is realy annoying!

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  6. You got any file sharing programs running?
  7. I had the same problem with my old speedstream 4060 usb adsl modem. I however just settled with the modem sucked when my neighbor gave me a westel ethernet modem and it worked perfectly.
    You can get an ethernet modem off ebay for dirt cheap, I highly recommend getting one.

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  8. Thanks for the ideas guys. No file sharing programs are running.

    Just had a thought - My PSU is a dirt cheap crappy one, and the rails are REALLY REALLY low.

    3.3 @ 2.82
    5 @ 4.81
    12+- @ 12.77
    2.5 @ 2.81

    Could the modem be not getting enough power? While rail does the USB run off? 3.3 I'm guessing.

    Anyway, I've just unhooked a HDD, some fans and pub my CPU back to stock speed, and it appears to be holding the connection - 5mins now

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  9. now 4 hours...I think we have our culprit guys :lol:

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  10. I think that USB might actually use 12v because I can plug my phone into the charger for my wireless mouse (plugged in via USB)and Im pretty sure mobiles use 12v.
  11. Hmmm...but 12V is the most stable rail.
    Odd, either way - its stable, but I'm a harddrive down (cant use without power) and CPU is a stock speeds. Also my new 9800pro is now draining more power than my old FX5600.

    Looks like its time to start a new thread for a new PSU! :lol:

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  12. Get an Akasa powmax of they are £63 with VAT and mine is running 2harddrives, an overclocked P4, a 9800pro modded to XT, 2x256 PC4000, 5fans and two CD drives. Totally stable.
    Also its 120mm fan makes it damn quiet.
  13. I'll take that into consideration...thanks :lol:

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  14. Before you go out and buy a new power pack just sit down n have a little think.

    1. Are the USB ports you using onboard?
    2. Does your motherboard use a VIA chipset, or an early Nvidea?

    If so its more than likely that its down to power management, also aswell as the stress your going to address by replacing the power supply. VIA and early Nvidea chipsets have very poor power management, and have the habit of providing dodgy power to the onboard USB ports.

    Even when you install a new power supply these problems might resurface during moments of intense power drain. A solution which I highly recommend even if you dont have one of the suggested chipset is to purchase a USB PCI card for your computer.

    If you already have and your computer is connected to it, then my post has been pointless :D

    Hope you get sorted.
  15. Well I'm running an N-Force 2 no means 'early'.

    I appreciate your post rails are as follows:
    (This is when everything is at stock settings)

    + 3.3 @ 2.98
    +5 @ 4.71
    +2.5 @ 2.59
    +12 @ 12.22
    -12 @ -12.85

    Its not as bad now, although now its bad. When the o/c kicks PSU can't cope.

    Its running fine now with everything at stock, overclocking makes my internet die!

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  16. I believe ocing on some mobos does make the usb tweak. I guess it it just enough to make your usb modem freak out.
    If you go for a new power supply I'd go for an Antec true power powersupply. You can't get much better than that.

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