Which cpu to choose with this gpu?

Hello folks,

I am about to buy a new pc. My graphics card will be gtx570. I would like to have a high performance while gaming. My monitor is a 24" Samsung. Which cpu would you recommend for such a system? I mean, do you think I5 760 would do enough for high performance gaming with this gpu, or should I buy an I7 870 or I7 2600 or I7950?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What's your budget? How long do you plan on keeping the system before upgrading again?
  2. thanks... I plan to use this pc for 1 and a half years at least, I mean without upgrading. The price of I5 760 here is 215 USD, while I7 870, I7 2600 and I7 950 are around 310 USD. I am not sure, I can pay 310 USD for a cpu but only if it is really necessary to get a high performance while gaming.
  3. How much can you get an i5 2500K for? that could be a better option than the i7 2600
  4. the 2500K is as good as the 2600K for gaming and buy far the best gaming processor for the money.
  5. I agree with simon, you don't need 8 threads for gaming.2600K has a 2MB more cache than 2500K, but its not worth paying an extra $100
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