Sapphire HD4870 overheating and system crash when windows starts

Hi, I am using my Sapphire HD4870 from last 1 year with no problem but now from last few days I'm facing heating problem with my graphic card. Systems starts well, boot well but when welcome screen appears display goes blank and system restarts. But if I try to run my PC without graphic card, it works well.

any help please...
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  1. Sounds like either the fan is dieing or you have caked up dust. Clean out the computer and GPU with a can of compressed air. After that monitor your temps with GPU-z or MSI afterburner and ensure your fan is working like i should be.
  2. Change it under warranty. Mine had to be changed cause it would lock up at 86, then I would get random artefacting until it reached teh stage where it would refuse to boot with GPU plugged in.
  3. I had tried my luck with service centre and they told me that your card has been died due to improper use. Rodents had runed my card and now I'm owner of HD5770...
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