Does your laptop save everything that you do? If so, I did not save any same ti

Does your computer save everything that you do? If so, I need to obtain some same time messages on lotus notes 8.5 that I did not save. Anyway I can obtain it from my hard drive. Please, this would mean so much to me if someone can tell me how to do it.

Thank you.
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  1. No there's a reason that you actually need to save stuff. Because otherwise it's deleted forever (imagine that the save button does something).

  2. Stop writing to your drive or booting from it. Connect it as a secondary drive and then scan its free space for known text strings using an appropriate tool. Or scan the files in the TEMP folder(s).
  3. If you didn't save it, there are nothing to recover from.
  4. It all depends on the software and what you were doing. I'm not familiar with Notes so I don't know the answer but Fzabkar has the correct response. When a pc deletes a file, even a temp file, it just marks the space as available and the file is still really there until another file uses the space and overwrites it.

    If this is IBM Sametime that you're referring to - the system does create a log for everything you do, depending on what its set to log, so see your IT Admin if you just need timestamp proof and not actually what was said.
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