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Hello,I have a compaq 615 with athlon x2 64 dual core processory. A couple of weeks ago i tried installing opensolaris OS on it. During the install process, it kept making this loud beeping noise which i had to mute but even after installation completed the noise did not stop. So formatted and installed windows back. Now because of this, my speakers have stopped working (it was a very loud noise and i smelled some smoke)so probably burnt out but i use head phones so no probs. Now the main problem is that the CPU runs hotter than normal (at around 65-70 celsius) now and jumps up to 90 celsisus quickly when processor is in use. However no interruption in processing and functions of the laptop. What could be causing the CPU to run hot and jump to hotter temp so quickly ? Plz blue screens so far.
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  1. When you reinstalled did you check that all the power settings were correct. Laptops are usually setup with power reduction features to cut down on heat and power draw. Also check the exhaust of the CPU cooler is it clogged with dust if so clean it with some compressed air.
  2. Thank you for the reply, I will try getting some compressed air and cleaning out the vent and see if that helps.
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